Why Us

We are aware of how our own well-being and mental health impacts us and because U Parallel understands the psychology of human behaviour, we have helped lift hundreds of people up, empowering them to take charge of and proactively care for theirs.

Equality of Access & Support

The fact is that society has yet to openly and confidently acknowledge that our well-being and mental health is just as important (if not more so) as our physical health. We minimise our experiences of mental pain all the time, belittling it or trying to push it away, and the consequence can be devastating. U Parallel’s community of professionals is focused on making sure that our minds are taken care of just like our physical health is. By providing therapeutic coaching support and making it accessible at home and work, people will have the opportunity to change the way they relate to their mental health.

Follow the science | Psychological Flexibility

Accessibility to quality support is essential if we are to really change our perception of what mental health really means to us.

Emmet Colville | Founder, U Parallel.

Fresh Perspective

Life is hard, but it’s fleeting and moments pass. Everything in between is what we humans miss out on because our mind’s keep us caught up and away from being present, aware and active in our life pursuits. With you every step of the way, U Parallel provides a fresh perspective on how to view and relate to your emotional health and wellbeing challenges.

Building Futures

Usually barriers to change are because there’s a mental flexibility skills deficit, if we don’t know this, then how can we create lasting change? U Parallel’s therapeutic coaching model trains you in the skills you need to relate better to difficulties but also to action plan and build the future you want and deserve.

Client Testimonials

When I think back, I now wonder why I didn’t partner with U Parallel sooner. Ignoring that I and the team needed support, we were burning out and I was just like “keep on going”…not the best when you have investors on your back and who were picking up on my terse behaviour more and more. U Parallel’s dedicated coaching support saved me from myself, and is the best thing I could’ve done for the team. I’m much less uptight and more flexible in how I view myself… my whole life to be honest.

CEO Tech Start-Up

ACT changed my perspective on dealing with anxious thoughts. I’m grateful for U Parallel’s professional care, for introducing me to new skills…for being authentic and genuine. They guided me through every step with the utmost care and consideration…A wonderful and unique coaching approach, one of the best in their field in my opinion.

Marketing & Design Specialist

I was very hesitant at the beginning, I remember thinking to myself “do I even need therapy?”. It was unfamiliar territory, but I’m so grateful for U Parallel’s kindness and support. It was comforting and encouraging to say the least. I was noticing more and more the difference every ACT session was making to my life, no matter how challenging some things felt…my coach always found a way to simplify and provide clarity. The care and attention was extremely comforting and the tools will forever stay with me – thank you so very much!

Communications Executive – NGO

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