The ACT Way

Acceptance is receiving the gift of what you can learn from your mind by dropping the struggle and giving in to what is out of your control…commitment is taking a stand and doing what matters to improve your life.

An Evidence-Based Approach | Psychological Flexibility

ACT is one of the most widely used and researched acceptance and mindfulness-based psychological interventions with approx. 1000 studies under its belt over the last 35 years covering everything from stress and anxiety to performance and motivation.  ACT is recognised as a significant and effective intervention by official agency and country guidelines around the world, such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines here in the UK and the World Health Organisation guidelines. 

U-Parallel trains you ACT’s 6 scientifically proven behavioural ‘pivots’ of ‘psychological flexibility’.

| Psychological Flexibility |

The story of six life changing behavioural pivots.

  1. See our thoughts, get distance from them & know we have a choice in what we do next.
  2. Notice what stories & rules we hold tightly to & gain perspective about who we are.
  3. Open up to and sit with the discomfort of feelings and emotions even if they’re painful.
  4. Be intentional with our attention to what’s present in the here and now, inside and out.
  5. Choose qualities that we intend to express when moving toward who and what matters.
  6. Cultivate behaviours and commit to actions to live those chosen qualities.

How will you write your U-Parallel story?

In a nutshell ACT teaches you these skills to help you get distance from your thoughts and feelings, to acknowledge and allow them to be as they are, connect with the present moment, and helps you clarify who and what matters so you can engage in the world around you.

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