Your 8 Session Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Program

This is your opportunity to put RENEWAL at the CENTRE of your change journey for 2023. The RENEWAL program boosts wellbeing and improves life satisfaction using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). Find freedom from the mind and achieve lasting and meaningful change that’s not so scary. Working together as a team these sessions will fast track your emotional, mental & physical goals using the latest psychological behavioural & emotional agility techniques (BEAT) & research in ACT.

How much do you value finding freedom from your mind?

Find freedom from the negative experiences of low-mood, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma; issues such as worry, rumination, repetitive negative thinking or challenges related to identity, spirituality, creativity and performance either at work or in your personal life.

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RENEWAL for Whole-Body Mental Health

Hello! Thank’s for stopping by. I’m Emmet, a BPS accredited psychologist living and working within Wandsworth and the surrounding areas. I’m on a bit of a mission! I specialise in a new wave of behavioural and emotional psychology (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), well not that new its 40+ years but not many people know about it and I want to change that. My mission is to teach as many people as I possibly can, ACT’s essential psychological skills & tools so they can handle life’s challenges more flexibly and live more freely. I’ve specifically developed an advanced ACT program that I call BEAT to support people in everyday settings. BEAT is not therapy in the traditional sense. There’s no therapy room and no long waiting lists, just quality and accessible human-to-human support, delivered like a PT session in person wherever you want. BEAT is a dynamic, evidence-led skills building program and alternative approach to helping improve your emotional health and mental wellbeing in a different context.

Personal change is frightening, it’s a rollercoaster, but I’m in the same car helping you along the way.

Psychologist | Emmet Colville

Arrange your free RENEWAL consultation call with Emmet, today!

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