Rethinking Purpose in Life:

About this talk

What value do you place on developing your mind and improving your life?

Are you interested to learn about the psychology of purpose and how it can benefit you more in life?

Then this talk is for you!

To help you awaken more to purpose, I will share with you useful scientific but practical insights in a simple, engaging, personal and very fun way! And, I will try to convince you how there are a number of underrated yet beneficial purpose-in-life-activities that you can do everyday for exploring and building more purpose into your life.

1hr On-Line Talk | 7th & 21st June

There’s a science to discerning and organising components of purpose for better understanding of it, but more importantly there’s an art to living with purpose!

Emmet A. Colville | Psychologist

Who would benefit from this talk?

Recommended for anyone of any age who is curious about life’s existential questions. People who enjoy learning how to further understand themselves or who is up for the challenge of defining a life mission that captures what you’re willing to stand for, so you have more joy, satisfaction and fulfilment.

By the end of this talk you will be able to:

  • Understand what purpose is and how to identify in areas of your life
  • Define who & what’s important to you
  • Leave with a more open and curious mindset as to how to pursue purposeful endeavours
  • Act and make that change in your life that you’ve been putting off.

What is it that you want to commit to and stand for in life?

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