Minds are complex.
Context matters.

Coaching For Me

How can this coaching help me?

U Parallel will work with you to transform your thinking by coaching you in life enhancing psychological and behavioural skills. Used everyday, these skills will enhance your personal meaning and purpose in all life domains, you’ll find freedom and achieve significant improvements to your emotional health and wellbeing.

How does it work?

  • No-charge initial 1hr discovery call to fully understand where you’re at and what your needs are
  • In depth 1:1 coaching and therapeutic support designed to help with whatever is on your mind
  • 7x 1hr sessions delivered by a psychologist accredited with British Psychological Society qualifications
  • Coaching on-line or in person with full flexibility to suit your needs
  • Weekly support plan full of quality mental health and well-being skills building practices
  • Dedicated follow-up 1/3/6 months after completion
  • 70% discount for people on a low income or not in work
  • Select pro-bono community support

Researchers and clients have reported the following as benefits of ACT coaching:

  • Improved sense of meaning and purpose at work, in relationships, play & leisure,
  • Greater clarity and personal awareness of how one can improve their life
  • Being able to respond better to stressful situations and unpleasant experiences
  • Better concentration, motivation, confidence, freedom of thought and creativity
  • Reduced stress and anxiety symptoms, improved emotional / physical health and wellbeing
  • Greater feelings of kindness to oneself and others
  • Fresh perspective on how the mind operates and how experiences influence ones behaviour

Client Feedback

U Parallel’s dedicated coaching support saved me from myself, and is the best thing I could’ve done for the team. I’m much less uptight and more flexible in how I view myself… my whole life to be honest.

CEO Tech Start-Up

My ACT Toolkit helped me through a challenging time. I noticed that I get so tied up in trying to fix things…I immediately felt the difference during sessions, I wasn’t just being told something, I was getting to experience ACT every step of the way. ACT helped me accept things that are out of my control, and how to unhook from unhelpful thoughts, to accept emotions and not resist them.

NGO Communications Director

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