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Minds are complex, they get in our way.
Context is everything.

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ACT For Me

In depth one-to-one training designed to help you move away from the mind’s dug in complex and often unhelpful strategies that play a role in your suffering. Working together, we look at the context and workability of the mind that have led you to seek help, e.g., anxiety/stress and any life limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours that are A) at the root of your setbacks & suffering, and B) holding you back from having the life they want and deserve. Techniques you’ll train in are designed to move you toward a life that’s more in line with who you really want to be and what you want to be doing with your time on this planet.

Details: 8 week program, 1hr session each week.  Day and time flexible to suit client needs. There’s a 70% discount available for people who are on a low income or not in work.

ACT At Work

If employees are your organisation’s most important stakeholder then it makes sense to provide your leaders, managers and team members with the right support to ensure they are successful in their roles.  Training in psychological flexibility techniques and approaches will enable your best asset to thrive, both in and out of work. Evidence shows that ACT training leads to improved psychological wellbeing and good mental health, with a further upshot being that your ROI is realised with a significant improvement on overall retention, absence/presenteeism, motivation, task-focus, behaviour and performance.

Details: Bespoke service designed with your organisation’s needs in mind and flexible to meet client needs. There’s a 50% discount for non-profit organisations.

ACT Everyday

On a mission to reach as many people as possible and improve our community’s psychological health; U-Parallel with Emmet is determined to train the very basics of ACT’s six core techniques.  We’ve designed this training as a brief intervention for anyone who might benefit from this kind of help in calming emotional storms, as and when they arise in the moment everyday during times of stress or upset. By practicing these techniques, when situations arise in everyday life you can dip into this ACT toolkit to flex what you’ve learnt so that you don’t get derailed by problems outside of your control or swept away by emotional storms.

Details: 2 hr ACT basics introductory training video | £25 donation 50% of all proceeds will go to the charity Mind.

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