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Who matters? Your People.
What matters? Their wellbeing.

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How can U Parallel help us?

U Parallel supports employees experiencing common emotional health & wellbeing problems such as worry, stress, and so on. We also train skills that enhance general resilience, life satisfaction, and behavioural effectiveness.

Plenty of research highlights that workplace stress and mental health issues have a significant negative impact on both employee and organisational performance. A supportive and understanding work environment boosts resilience and helps employees through periods of personal and organisational difficulties.

Psychologically resilient people are able to ‘bounce back’ from stress and setbacks quickly, and move confidently forward in turbulent times – remaining effective and productive. Therefore, there is a real need for employers to provide safe and healthy work environments, regular health checks, and evidence-based approaches to developing healthy organisations.

What support is provided?

  • No-charge initial 1/2 day consultation of current ‘as-is’ organisation eco-system, needs and opportunities assessment
  • Up to 60 hrs of 1:1 employee ‘brave-space’ coaching sessions per month completely confidential and separate to the organisation: on-line or in person with full flexibility to suit your needs
  • Delivered by coaches & psychologists accredited with BPS & IFC qualifications
  • Also, 8 week bespoke ‘Flexible Strength – Mental Health Program’ in group workshop setting
  • Provide leaders, managers and team members with weekly support plan full of quality mental health and well-being skills building practices
  • Comprehensive training in psychological flexibility techniques
  • Enable your best asset to thrive, both in and out of work
  • ROI realised with a significant improvement in employee retention, absence/presenteeism, motivation, task-focus, behaviour and performance
  • 50% discount for 3rd sector community organisations

Employee Outcomes:

  • Untangled from work related worry & rumination during evenings and weekends
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Improved personal resilience enabling an alternative response to stressful situations
  • Reduced impact of difficult thoughts and feelings on wellbeing, behaviour and performance
  • Improved reactions to the experience of organisational change
  • Improved ability to live in the present moment free from entanglement in unhelpful thoughts

Client Feedback

What impressed us was the evidence-led and simple approach to delivering training…We see this as a potential game changer for how we look after our people.

U.K. PoLicing Organisation

The practicalities of delivering coaching was initially a concern for us. The field teams are often on the road looking after our own clients. U Parallel’s understanding and flexibility working on-site and via zoom as and when the managers and team needed, this made such a difference. You really care!

Hilti Group – East Africa

Wellbeing and mental health is seen as this separate or mysterious force that everyone knows is there lurking but in work we dance around it, pretending we actually understand what’s going on for people. U Parallel enlightened the senior management team and empowered our people by training psychological skills putting them in the driving seat… Q. 4 data shows that stress levels are down…our people are more engaged.

Regeri Real Estate – London

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