Our Mission

Contribute to a just and sustainable world by transforming the relationship that people have with their emotional health and wellbeing.

When this happens…

People are empowered everyday to freely express their true selves. They are proactively working on their wellbeing needs and goals, guided by their values, leading the life they want and treating others and our world justly.

Emmet Colville | Founder & Organisational Psychologist, U Parallel

Accessibility to quality support is essential if we are to really change our perception of what our mental health really means to us

Our People

We’re not the experts of anything: our clients and partners are the experts, and we act as facilitators to help them relate better to life’s challenges using therapeutic coaching as the tool.


People come first.

We uphold unconditional positive regard for all people within our community and partnerships. No matter who they are, where they come from, what they think, feel, how they behave, or what they have or haven’t done, or are thinking about doing.

Meeting you where you’re at today. Welcoming the whole of you.

No judgement. No expectations.

Professional, fully qualified & accredited psychologists

A tight community of psychologists with portfolio careers spanning over 25 years, working in the community, in academia and within organisations.  Trained in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy an approved psychological intervention by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS), we are committed to and bound by the highest quality and standards of practice.

Leading with purpose

The U Parallel community understands how empowering and life changing it can be for people to be able to manage and relate to their own emotional health and wellbeing more effectively. Individually, we’ve also had to change the relationship we’ve had with our mental health and all the while trying to maintain life at work and home. This is exactly why we founded U Parallel. Working together and understanding that people, and all of who they are comes first. It’s a simple formula, nurture and take care of people and the returns are massive. All of our people are aligned to who and what matters to U Parallel, they believe and live our mission everyday.

Focused on safety & confidentiality

We provide a safe and strictly confidential service, ensuring people get the help they need from U Parallel’s therapeutic coaching. On any given day, U Parallel will have a variety of coaching conversations, covering everything from stress, anxiety and addiction to leadership, decision making and dilemmas, public speaking, plus everything in between.

Ethical Practice

Our people are equipped to handle a range of diverse sensitivities that people will bring to each session or workshop. We’re able to support ourselves, others and most importantly hold boundaries. Ethical practice is the cornerstone of any coaching relationship, and something that falls under a coach’s BPS Code of Ethics. U Parallel will never feed anything back from a session to anyone, ever. The only exception to this rule is if we believe that an individual is at immediate risk of harming themselves or someone else.

Curious? Get in touch and allow U Parallel to support you today

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