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Rethinking Purpose

For anyone interested in understanding themselves better and would like a fresh perspective on life.

Emmet A. Colville | Psychologist

1hr On-Line Talk | 7th & 21st June

Are you interested to learn about the psychology of purpose and how it can benefit you more in life? Learn the science and art to living with more purpose in life.

Committed to supporting people through challenges in life.

U Parallel works to develop a thorough understanding of your purpose, providing a fresh perspective and the necessary tools so you can live with more fulfilment. Our purpose sessions give people the safety and freedom to discover & appreciate their values and goals, and how to achieve them.

Human-centred: Our unique approach

U Parallel is unique because it uses a mix of evidence-based psycho-education and therapeutic coaching. We are a caring, flexible and human-centred service, teaching people the skills and tools for optimum life fulfilment based on their reality and personal contexts.

It’s how I viewed or thought about myself, my lack of belief…this is typically at the heart of what has held me back in life.

Emmet A. Colville

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