U Parallel is uniquely positioned to provide a mix of therapy and coaching to help people navigate life’s challenges.

Welcoming the whole of you…wherever you’re at!

Committed to supporting people through challenges in life.

When it comes to wellbeing and mental health, rarely are causes and concerns confined to one aspect of a person’s life, like work or home. The relationship you have with your own emotional health and well-being is the foundation of all your other relationships. However big or small your challenge, problem or goal, U Parallel works to develop a thorough understanding of what’s on your mind, providing you with a fresh perspective and the necessary tools that empower you to proactively work on your mental health and well-being as you move forward in life. Our all encompassing sessions give people the safety and freedom to discover & appreciate their values and goals, and how to achieve them while understanding the role their well-being and mental health plays in having the life they want.

Human-centred: Our unique approach

U Parallel is unique because it uses a mix of evidence-based therapy and coaching: providing our clients with a caring, flexible and human-centred service, we teach them the skills and tools for optimum emotional health and well-being using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).  ACT is a mindfulness-based mental flexibility therapeutic coaching approach that explores the whole self, to understand what’s working and what isn’t, and helps clients to freely live their values and achieve important life goals and dreams without fear or judgement.

How we ‘think’ about ourselves is typically at the heart of what is holding us back.

Dr Steven C. Hayes | Association for Contextual Behaviour Science

Minds are complex, they get in our way.
Context is everything.

Coaching Services

ACT For Me

How can you help me?

U Parallel equips you with life changing psychological and behavioural skills that you can use everyday to help enhance personal meaning and purpose in all life domains, and improve your general emotional health and wellbeing.

What do I get?

  • No-charge initial 1hr discovery call to fully understand where you’re at and what your needs are
  • In depth 1:1 coaching and therapeutic support designed to help with whatever is on your mind
  • 7x 1hr sessions delivered by a psychologist accredited with British Psychological Society qualifications
  • Coaching on-line or in person with full flexibility to suit your needs
  • Weekly support plan full of quality mental health and well-being skills building practices
  • Dedicated follow-up 1/3/6 months after completion
  • 70% discount for people on a low income or not in work
  • Pro-bono community support

Researchers and clients have reported the following as benefits of ACT coaching:

  • Improved sense of meaning and purpose at work, in relationships, play & leisure,
  • Greater clarity and personal awareness of how one can improve their life
  • Being able to respond better to stressful situations and unpleasant experiences
  • Better concentration, motivation, confidence, freedom of thought and creativity
  • Reduced stress and anxiety symptoms, improved emotional / physical health and wellbeing
  • Greater feelings of kindness to oneself and others
  • Fresh perspective on how the mind operates and how experiences influence ones behaviour

ACT At Work

How can you help us?

U Parallel supports employees experiencing common emotional health & wellbeing problems such as worry, stress, and so on, but also train skills that enhance general resilience, life satisfaction, and behavioural effectiveness.

What support is provided?

  • No-charge initial 1/2 day consultation of current ‘as-is’ organisation eco-system, needs and opportunities
  • Up to 60 hrs of 1:1 employee ‘safe-space’ coaching sessions per month completely separate to the organisation
  • Coaching on-line or in person with full flexibility to suit your needs
  • Delivered by coaches & psychologists accredited with BPS & IFC qualifications
  • And or, 8 week bespoke designed ‘Flexible Strength – Mental Health Program’ in group workshop setting
  • Provide leaders, managers and team members with weekly support plan full of quality mental health and well-being skills building practices
  • Comprehensive training in psychological flexibility techniques
  • Enable your best asset to thrive, both in and out of work
  • ROI realised with a significant improvement in employee retention, absence/presenteeism, motivation, task-focus, behaviour and performance
  • 50% discount for 3rd sector community organisations

Employee Outcomes:

  • Untangled from work related worry & rumination during evening’s and weekends
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Improved personal resilience enabling an alternative response to stressful situations
  • Reduced impact of difficult thoughts and feelings on wellbeing, behaviour and performance
  • Improved reactions to the experience of organisational change
  • Improved ability to live in the present moment free from entanglement in unhelpful thoughts

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